Kodak DP2 Users Rejoice! QuickDesk and QuickServer now play nice with DP2.

We are constantly listening to our customers, and we heard your Kodak DP2 integration requests! In this post, you’ll read about the integration between Kodak DP2 and our autocorrection products, including Perfectly Clear QuickDesk and QuickServer.

QuickDesk Integration

QuickDesk integration allows a DP2 operator to select images to correct (individual images or complete jobs) and send these to QuickDesk on their local workstation. The operators can then review images on-screen (one at a time or in ‘6 up view) and apply presets or manual retouching or color/tone corrections. This is best for medium-volume uses and allows time to apply more aggressive corrections like Perfectly Clear’s Beautify Tools, because an operator can view each correction. This is suitable for up to 1,000 images per hour per operator.

dp2 and computer

QuickServer Integration

QuickServer integration allows automatic image correction to be applied on a much higher volume of photos. These are automatically corrected without operator review or approval, so the processing time is much faster. The DP2 operator can select specific jobs to process, can designate rules to auto-process jobs (from specific clients or events, for example), or can auto-correct all photos. This is suitable for the highest volume workflows up to 100,000 photos or more a day.

showing how dp2 works

Kodak DP2 Connector Details


The connector is set up and installed through a one-time installation, activation, and initial setup of Perfectly Clear QuickDesk and QuickServer. This includes the selection of “approved” presets and channels that operators will select from, and optional workflow rules that will trigger fully automatic batch corrections.

For QuickDesk, Supervised Corrections

  • An operator will select individual images (Right-click in images → “Send selected images to Perfectly Clear QuickDesk”) or an entire order (Select Order Menu → “Send order to Perfectly Clear QuickDesk”)
  • [Optional] Operator then chooses which Preset to initially apply in QuickDesk
  • QuickDesk then runs on the operator’s computer to review, adjust, and save all corrections. Then, they are automatically imported back into DP2

For QuickServer, Unattended Corrections

  • An operator will select individual images (Right-click in Images → “Send selected images to Perfectly Clear QuickServer”) or an entire order (Select Order Menu → “Send order to Perfectly Clear QuickServer”)
  • [Optional] Operator then chooses which Channel/Preset to apply
  • Images are passed to Perfectly Clear QuickServer running on a central server and are automatically corrected and imported back into DP2
  • OR: Orders may be flagged with a keyword, category, or other simple rules. Any order that meets these rules is then sent to Perfectly Clear QuickServer for automatic correction with zero operator involvement.

The Original Image File Is Always Preserved

Operators can revert to the original or preview the original file via right-click menu options within DP2.

Both These Methods May Be Used Together!

Batch correct images in Perfectly Clear QuickServer, then retouch the more challenging images individually in QuickDesk. Start from the original or the QuickServer version.

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